Love this girl. Even when her heads in the woods.
07.23.14 /18:05
Converted soccer fan fiancé. (See what I did there.)  (at Union Square Sports Bar)
07.01.14 /16:10
Slacking on the job. It’s not even 2 yet, Yuri. COME ON.  (at pp’s_office)
04.18.14 /03:03
I’ll be sitting very carefully. Please don’t make me regret this!! (at Palace de M&P)
01.05.14 /16:08
Merry early x-mas to the soon to be unfortunate Bears fans. (at La casa de Pauliks)
12.24.13 /20:42/ 1
Giggity. You’re welcome for being awesome.  (at Palace de M&P)
12.08.13 /22:11
Not a cat person. Jk, I totally am.  (at Palace de M&P)
11.08.13 /21:59
Love us some AJ Au Jus-sauce.  (at Blackbird Bar)
11.01.13 /12:27
Dedication.  (at Paulenbach Oasis Part.2)
09.10.13 /01:51
Crn. (at Suburbia)
09.01.13 /19:58
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